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I have been super excited since finding out (some time ago) that Scarecrow was to be one of the main antagonists in the upcoming Batman game "Arkham Knight." However, I have mixed feelings now I have finally seen the reveal.

Don’t get me wrong, the attention to detail for his overall appearance is breath taking and they have obviously spent a huge amount of time developing the character… but I really don’t like what they have done with him. I do find the new additions to his costume impressive and do actually like it, but as for his face… not so much.

I do comprehend that being dragged beneath the sewer by Killer Croc will no doubt inflict some damage (perhaps there was a great struggle/fight too, but that was left to the viewer to decide) but I feel they have gone way over the top with the deterioration of his face etc.

Examining parts of his face, I can’t even work out what is skin or what is the extremely rotted, grey fabric of his old mask.  It’s like they have integrated the actual material into his skin. His nose resembles that of a skulls, the skin around his eyes appears to be completely missing revealing bare bone – I think, and his lips appear to be gone, revealing his bare gums. To me he appears to be a zombified, skeletal-like mess.

I think the blindness in one eye is an impressive/creepy attribute to his character but the shredded remnants of his mask around his mouth that appear to resemble shark-like teeth are OTT.

Also, I have another issue with his voice. I don’t know what the deal is (perhaps it is some sort of gimmick) but I am not impressed. I thought that would at least be the saving grace of my favorite character, but once I properly heard his dialogue (the initial reveal I saw had the game creator talking over him) I lost all my excitement completely.

I was certain the game developers would make some changes to his costume. It was inevitable. With the release of Arkham City it was clear that every character had been given a complete overhaul (bar the joker.) Therefore, I had a gut feeling that they would eventually do the same with The Scarecrow - and that most likely, I wouldn't like it. My hunch has finally been confirmed. :(


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